I would never sleep with Sam Winchester but I will wear his kind of clothes to bed. which I mean it's cold outside and my window is open and i'm wearing a floppy flannel plaid shirt and it's the greatest. Also new-old leggings from Zed.


No, Sarah, now is not the time to freak out about the up-coming semester and the 80,000 other things you haven't done. Just do what you need to do right now. Geez.

evidence that I have the best friends (i am S.)

[fb] Z: I need a procrastination buddy!
[fb] me: me! on text tho b/c i'm self-controlling off fb.
[ten minutes]
[SMS] Z: Message from J. Harkness: I heard you were looking for a distraction.
[SMS] me: to j.h. *eyes up and down* yes? ;) (to z. you are the greatest)
[SMS] Z: Hahaha. From J.H. and Z: Happy to be of service :).
[SMS] me: Message from Spock: May I be of assistance?
[SMS] Z: *looks up*...*TACKLES* To S. hehe. Nice one :).
[SMS] me: That was not a logical move. (from s. ^_^)
[SMS] Z: And yet the outcome should still be fascinating ^_^.
[SMS] me: Spock *sputters* s. *cackles*
[SMS] Z: George Takei: Ooh myyy.!
[SMS] me: Ten: Stop it!
[SMS] Z: *fan-girl 'splode*
[SMS] me: Have i mentioned recently that i love you?
SHUT UP, pearls

All I'm sayin' is...

...that in the same batch of cookies, I managed to

  • mix the dry ingredients in the wrong bowl and have to move them out;

  • put a stick of butter on the top of the oven to soften with the opening of the wrapper facing down (think about that for a minute);

  • (ok this was a previous error) leave the ziplock bag of brown sugar slightly open so it was hard as a brick and have to break it up with a rolling pin;

  • almost forget the dry ingredients entirely;

  • almost forget the chocolate chips;

  • not mix the chocolate chips in all the way, so the first batch is super chocolately and the last batch is going to be my screw-ups with cherry M&Ms or something because the chips-to-dough ratio is totally shot now;

  • and set a tray of cookies down on a chair because i have ZERO COUNTER SPACE and then almost (but not actually!) sit on them.

At least the dough isn’t too sticky this time like it has been in the past.


ETA: Only wound up needing on M&M cookie. Hooray!

My family is growing up. (Also synesthesia)

OK, wow, I have a LOT of things to say but not nearly enough awakes to say them all. I'll be brief and maybe try to come fill the gaps later.

1) My family is all growing up. Like, duh, obviously we're growing up, but at my mom's family Christmas/New Year's this year, the older cousins all got along and ALL SIX OF US actually spent many hours in each others compan interacting, ven! And our parents didn't piss us off, and it was lovely.

2) I recently discovered I have synesthesia! It's a crossing of the wires in the brain, making multiple senses run together. (For further info, I recommend google, and the book Wednesday Is Indigo Blue, though that gets a bit technical at the end.) I had known it what it was for ages, but a month or so ago discovered that there are way more forms of it than I thought, and that I have two of the irregularly named ones: mirror touch syn and spatial sequence syn.
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It's fun because a) I know sort of how/why this happens, b) I've found other people with it and can talk about it (yay the internet!), and c) I finally have a legit "fun fact" for when I have to introduce myself in a group =P

1+2) My brother is astounding. I constantly underestimate him. Tonight I was telling a story about a friend of mine who has grapheme-->color syn, which led to a discussion about all of syn. I said I had a couple forms, and he wanted to know about them and to see what all the types were. So we went here and went down the list. We stayed up a good 2 hours past when I said I was going to bed, talking about all the forms and how they worked, and my brother says he has my same two forms! At some point he wanted to draw some of his number forms, and that launched a discussion about geometry and math and several other things. It was incredible. And, for a kid who professes to hate reading (dyslexia and ADD), when I brought him down a book on the subject, he turned his light on straight away and started reading it, despite saying he needed to go to sleep. You just have to know which buttons to press to get him excited. I feel so bad I often write him off as apathetic toward these kind of things.


So close I can almost taste it

Turned in my ed policy term paper a week late, but he liked it and was pretty lenient with the grading, so I came out way better than I expected in that class. They put final grades together wicked fast after the exam yesterday. Seriously I'm a bit uncomfortable with how high my grade is, but not complaining. Just feeling awkward.

Turned in my phonetics paper a couple days before that, think it was alright. He hasn't posted those grades yet or the semester grades. I think I did pretty well on that exam too.

Syntax exam was tricky but I think I did ok, especially since he's been on a weird curve all semester, so if the exam and/or class goes on that curve, I'm set.

Now just my Latin paper. About which I give surprisingly few bothers. Also I'm exhausted. It will be ok though. I'll turn this in by 11:30 tomorrow, and then be FREEEEEEEE. which I mean free to wash the disturbing number of dishes in my sink and clothes in my hamper. And the clothes everywhere else in my room, including my bed, which is (partly) why I've been sleeping on the couch.



30 Day OTP Challenge: day 8: Shopping

Originally posted by dduane at 30 Day OTP Challenge: day 8: Shopping

You’d have trouble getting a definitive estimate of how many people pass through the Crossings on any given day. For one thing, the management has some reason to obfuscate the stats, specifically for security purposes. But regardless of the exact transit numbers being hidden, no one would argue the concept that a lot of people don’t go to the Crossings just to go somewhere else. Many go there just to go, because it truly is a stunning tourist destination..

Others, however, go to shop. Some go there to help others shop. And some… are less open about their motives.


Two young women, one almost a head taller than the other, materialize together on one of the blue-glowing hexes of the Gate 330 area. This forcewalled region of the wide white-shining Main Concourse floor is a “hard” target set aside for legacy gates like the oldest ones on Earth, which is where these travelers have come from; a routing via a dedicated catenary system in the New York suburbs, linking (for energy-saving purposes) through the old high-powered gate at Chur, and popping out here.

Reflexively the young women, seasoned travellers both, glance around them for a second after they manifest to make sure that none of the adjoining hexes are live: a smart move, as even in a facility this sophisticated, it only takes one software glitch combined with one careless moment to leave a person literally and physically bridging two different worlds. Once they’re sure the neighboring hexes are dark, they stroll off and out into the Concourse: a girl in blue jeans and a couple of layered tops in rose and green, under a short denim jacket; her companion in layered skirts and a force-braced camisole with red chase-light embroidery, keyed to her pulse.

“So, the emmfozing….”

“Yeah? What about it?”

“You were going to tell me how you got into it.”

“Yeah, well, you know how it is. Once you start grenfelzing, one thing just kind of leads to another…”

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**Note from Sarah: If you haven't read the Young Wizards books by Diane Duane, get on that. Ur doin YA/sci-fi/fantasy rong. Once you've done that, please start from her Master Post for the 30 Day OTP Challenge and read onward in her extracanonical writing because it is excellent and also roll-on-the-ground funny. (Tagged as fanfic even though, as she points out, it isn't really. Because of reasons.)
SHUT UP, pearls

New methods of procrastinating.

Having Self-Control banned myself from tumblr, facebook, AO3, Cracked, youtube, etc. (not LJ because there isn't the constant-update feature or the "you may also like..." links and because I want to be able to read Diane Duane's updates to the OTP challenge if she posts them), my new method of procrastinating seems to be walking down to the ResEd office for free burrito coupons.

Yes my life has come to this. And yes I still feel the need to write about it on the internet. I have no idea how I'm going to survive til next Friday. Or pass this ed policy class. Stop the world plz.

On the plus side, my mom sent me a package of yummy food ^_^ which is doubly good since I'm almost broke atm and don't want to buy any more food until next semester.