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21 March 2012 @ 02:29 pm
In which Sarah wishes to be absorbed into a pretty field of flowers (or, GO AWAY STRESS)  

Arguments on linguistic validity of above meme aside... nerhh.[nɹ̩ɹ̩ɹ̩ɹ̩] (or [nɹ̩ː]?) I wonder why I prefer the h's orthographically. Nerhhh just looks so much better than nerrrrrrr. *shrug*

Today I get to tell my Greek prof that I'm dropping his class. I tried to be prepared for class today anyway, and it totally failed. I just can't focus on anything. I suppose that does support my case for dropping it, but it still made me feel like an idiot. Wahh. I have a meeting with him in half an hour. So not excited.

Then writing up my proposal to drop the class for my advisor (who already approved but said I need it in writing). Then writing my Latin paper for tomorrow and doing the reading. And then the reading for semantics. Huzzah. Also maybe I should check the assignment for ASL. Gahhh I just feel so overwhelmed and the weather is so nice and I just want to go lie on the grass by the river and be happy. *sigh*


P.S. I'd love to add a "currently reading" or "most recently read" meta field... Is that even possible?
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