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28 March 2012 @ 01:15 pm
The past tense of "tweet"  

This is one for the tumblr linguists once Lent is over.

My morphology prof today: "So why isn't the past tense of "tweet" "twat"?"

Only one of us had the heart to tell him that twat is already a word...

Then, "OHHHHHH. Gee, thanks guys. Well, maybe that is a case of homophony avoidance…"

It was pretty entertaining. The poor terp at the time was super red in the face and we all couldn't stop giggling. Apparently the prof just thought we thought it sounded too ridiculous to apply an ablaut rule to such a new verb. Not a new verb. That verb. =P

To be fair, he is not a native English speaker. I was sitting there wondering if anyone was going to tell him what it meant, but then Jon did. The bits of the conversation I could overhear were funny. "Do I know what it means? Wait, how do you know what it means? OHHHHHH..." Oops.


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