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24 April 2012 @ 06:21 am
So this is officially the worst all-nighter ever. It's 6:15. I've still not written a single word of this paper. I fell asleep about two hours ago and woke up around 5:40, dreaming about One Direction and Josh Hutcherson or whatever his name is. WHAT? I put these people in my tumblr savoir black list before I fell asleep, and I don't even know what 1d look like and yet they/their names were all hovering before my eyes when I woke up.

I pause in my failure at life only to document this, because it's TOO FREAKING WEIRD.

Now back to your regularly scheduled disaster. Semantics class starts in ~4.5 hours. 6-8 page Latin paper that isn't really a Latin paper, here I come. *moritur*

Mapquest says: lame side of basement
Mood-o-meter: exhaustedexhausted and grumpy
The voices are singing: sounds