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25 April 2012 @ 04:21 pm
So much book nerdiness!  
I'm a wreck. And I don't even care one bit. :D

In December (I think) I started a secondary blog on tumblr called books-to-the-ceiling, which is primarily a method of keeping a record of books I've read. (I'm also using the drafts for my to-read list, haha). I left tumblr during Lent, and when I returned, I took my book blog back up with a new passion. Unfortunately, creating the entries is rather time-consuming (though lovely), and (un)fortunately, it's driving my desire to curl up in bed with books for days on end up to an unhealthy degree.

[We interrupt this personal reflection to ask: Is it tmesis to split up a phrasal verb? Like I just did with "driving up desire"? Even if it's a common thing to split? Hmmmmm.]

So right now I'm reading Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, which is getting better the more of it I read. Also Annie on my Mind, because I found it in the Ed School library and desperately wanted to reread it, though I'm stopped in the middle because I can't bring myself to read the end. It was tugging too much on my heartstrings already. Maybe I'll finish rereading it over the summer.

But then, today I was in the library and I looked at their New Books section, and I checked out a couple. The first (which I'm about 90 pages into already ^_^) is called Why We Broke Up, by Daniel Handler, whom I only just realized is Lemony Snicket. Wow, good job Sarah. And I was so totally blown away by this realization that I stopped to write it up here. Because the writing is SO different (well, yeah, fine, it's pitched at a YA audience, not an elementary school one, but still! [and yes YA and adults can read books pitched "younger"...]) and I didn't even notice when I picked it up who wrote it, but the story is told from a girl's perspective.

And I'm just trying to remember the last book I read that wasn't HP where the author and main character were not of the same gender. I mean...Tamora Pierce's books about Briar, but they're certainly the minority in her canon. Siobhan Dowd wrote Bog Child. I dunno, it just seems less common. BUT THE POINT IS: Daniel Handler writes it beautifully and real-ly and he writes the way a 16-year-old girl writes, and he uses nonstandard words like squoze (past tense of squeeze) because that's what real people do! (</moriarty>) It just makes me really happy.

Next up is a Newbery Honor and National Book Award winner called Inside Out & Back Again, which sounds really cool. And all the really awesome stuff that Diane Duane has written that's not Young Wizards which I didn't really know about, including the 9th YW book b/c I didn't reread it last year since the library didn't have it, and the adult YW books (THERE ARE ADULT ONES WHAT?). I'm such a DDuane fangirl it's kind of ridiculous.

But now, shower, dinner, ASL talent show, and moving on with life. Also Cabin Pressure and then more books :)

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