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12 August 2012 @ 12:34 am
In which Sarah slinks back to LJ and is a grump  
Yeah, so, just made that nostalgic post... Now here's the part where I whine a lot.

Everybody's on edge with this whole moving thing, so it's really stressful to be around people. Plus I'm leaving to go back to Boston next week (this week, now), on Friday (YAYYY), so Ev's really stressed about spending time with me. And it's been great watching Doctor Who with him and stuff (although yet again I got to the crossover with Torchwood before I meant to and blarghhh), but also I need to be working because evidently my job is ending this month only no one mentioned that to me until I got a letter in the mail saying I was no longer on payroll. SO, I need to be logging a lot of hours so that I'll have money to get food and books and things when I get to school.

But, I haven't been doing as much work as I've been meaning to, so I'm mad at myself, but not mad enough to actually change anything. Also I talked myself into writing for the RS_Games this year, which is going pretty well, all things considered, but the deadline is just over a month away, and I have a couple thousand words to go. I don't write long stories, but I write short punchy stories that take some thinking.

I'm anxious to get to Boston and get back in a groove, and I'm annoyed because they haven't told us anything about RA training. And I know, it's "participate, don't anticipate", but I'm worried about, like, how am I getting food? Am I going to be able to sleep or talk to Michael at all? Will I have time/money to go out and get the dishes and food I'm going to need?

When I look at all that on the screen, in writing, it seems kind of silly, but I'm just so anxious to be there, it's making it really hard to be here. And if I'm reading fic, then I should be either reading a book or writing fic, and if I'm reading or writing, then I should be working. But I just worry about what I should be doing instead of doing any of it. And I don't know how to fix that. Michael just developed a new system for himself, and I might try it, but I never have much luck with goal-setting. Ionno.

Anyway. On the plus side, I'm going to sleep now, and also today Ev and K and I played "fandom" Mao where all the rules were fandom-related (ish) and it was fantastic. K's were pretty tricky, but when she explained them, they were clever and I liked them. We're cool kids.
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