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26 October 2012 @ 01:45 pm
Soundtrack of Life Meme  
So my friend Newton (entropic_order) was going through her LJ which she hasn't used in ages, and then I started going through it too, and I found this and so I decided to do it because why not. Also the new expandable LJ-cuts are pretty sweet. Also I decided to limit this to songs I actually know/listen to frequently, not that have been sitting on my computer for projects or whatever.

Opening Credits:
"Fall For You" Secondhand Serenade
Yikes, I have a sad life...

Waking Up:
"Mr. Longbottom Flies" HP1 / John Williams
So I guess I'm a perky morning people now?

Falling In Love:
"Gangsta Blues" Slumdog Millionaire / A.R. Rahman Feat. BlaaZe

Fight Scene:
"Dreams" John Denver
If I'm fighting my own future...?

Breaking Up:
"The Imperial March" The Empire Strikes Back / John Williams

"Raised in Harlem" !HERO / Michael Tait/T-Bone/Donnie
I don't even...?

Secret Love:
"Duel Of The Fates" The Phantom Menace / John Williams
OK, this slightly appropriate...? But what's with the soundtrack obsession here, iTunes?

Life's Okay:
"Untouchable" Taylor Swift
Man, I do have a sad life. [This is after I skipped 3 more Star Wars songs]

"I Like It" The Dixie Chicks

Mental Breakdown:
"Elsewhere" Sarah McLachlan

"Show Me" My Fair Lady / Marni Nixon
I don't even...

"I Would Be the Meal" Twilight / Carter Burwell
[In my defense this is an awesome score] *shrug*

Happy Dance:
"Dare You To Move" Switchfoot
Yeah, alright

"I Hold Your Hand In Mine" Tom Lehrer
No comment...

Long Night Alone:
"The Shadow Of The Past" The Fellowship of the Rings / Howard Shore
Ooooof. Sad.

Final Battle:
"(If You Want It)" Relient K
Ooooh, alright.

Death Scene:
"Get Off My Back" Spirit: Stallion of the Cimerron / Bryan Adams

Ending Credits:
"Matchmaker, Matchmaker" Fiddler On The Roof / Rosemary Nicols, Linda Sanders, Caryl Little
I give up.

This is really freaking weird. I should do this again without any soundtrack or filmscores.
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