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19 December 2012 @ 11:15 pm
So close I can almost taste it  
Turned in my ed policy term paper a week late, but he liked it and was pretty lenient with the grading, so I came out way better than I expected in that class. They put final grades together wicked fast after the exam yesterday. Seriously I'm a bit uncomfortable with how high my grade is, but not complaining. Just feeling awkward.

Turned in my phonetics paper a couple days before that, think it was alright. He hasn't posted those grades yet or the semester grades. I think I did pretty well on that exam too.

Syntax exam was tricky but I think I did ok, especially since he's been on a weird curve all semester, so if the exam and/or class goes on that curve, I'm set.

Now just my Latin paper. About which I give surprisingly few bothers. Also I'm exhausted. It will be ok though. I'll turn this in by 11:30 tomorrow, and then be FREEEEEEEE.

...by which I mean free to wash the disturbing number of dishes in my sink and clothes in my hamper. And the clothes everywhere else in my room, including my bed, which is (partly) why I've been sleeping on the couch.