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03 January 2013 @ 03:26 am
My family is growing up. (Also synesthesia)  
OK, wow, I have a LOT of things to say but not nearly enough awakes to say them all. I'll be brief and maybe try to come fill the gaps later.

1) My family is all growing up. Like, duh, obviously we're growing up, but at my mom's family Christmas/New Year's this year, the older cousins all got along and ALL SIX OF US actually spent many hours in each others compan interacting, ven! And our parents didn't piss us off, and it was lovely.

2) I recently discovered I have synesthesia! It's a crossing of the wires in the brain, making multiple senses run together. (For further info, I recommend google, and the book Wednesday Is Indigo Blue, though that gets a bit technical at the end.) I had known it what it was for ages, but a month or so ago discovered that there are way more forms of it than I thought, and that I have two of the irregularly named ones: mirror touch syn and spatial sequence syn.
Mirror touch: When other people touch things / are touched, I can feel it. Details to come.

Spatial sequence: Also called number-form syn. I visualize sequences of things, like people's ages, the grades in school, days of the week, months of the year, years/decades. Other people also visualize their life events, the hours/minutes of the day, numbers in general, the alphabet, or probably other things. Again, details to come. Also probably a separate post with pictures of how I "see" things.
It's fun because a) I know sort of how/why this happens, b) I've found other people with it and can talk about it (yay the internet!), and c) I finally have a legit "fun fact" for when I have to introduce myself in a group =P

1+2) My brother is astounding. I constantly underestimate him. Tonight I was telling a story about a friend of mine who has grapheme-->color syn, which led to a discussion about all of syn. I said I had a couple forms, and he wanted to know about them and to see what all the types were. So we went here and went down the list. We stayed up a good 2 hours past when I said I was going to bed, talking about all the forms and how they worked, and my brother says he has my same two forms! At some point he wanted to draw some of his number forms, and that launched a discussion about geometry and math and several other things. It was incredible. And, for a kid who professes to hate reading (dyslexia and ADD), when I brought him down a book on the subject, he turned his light on straight away and started reading it, despite saying he needed to go to sleep. You just have to know which buttons to press to get him excited. I feel so bad I often write him off as apathetic toward these kind of things.

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