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26 February 2013 @ 12:04 am
All I'm sayin' is...  
...that in the same batch of cookies, I managed to

  • mix the dry ingredients in the wrong bowl and have to move them out;

  • put a stick of butter on the top of the oven to soften with the opening of the wrapper facing down (think about that for a minute);

  • (ok this was a previous error) leave the ziplock bag of brown sugar slightly open so it was hard as a brick and have to break it up with a rolling pin;

  • almost forget the dry ingredients entirely;

  • almost forget the chocolate chips;

  • not mix the chocolate chips in all the way, so the first batch is super chocolately and the last batch is going to be my screw-ups with cherry M&Ms or something because the chips-to-dough ratio is totally shot now;

  • and set a tray of cookies down on a chair because i have ZERO COUNTER SPACE and then almost (but not actually!) sit on them.

At least the dough isn’t too sticky this time like it has been in the past.


ETA: Only wound up needing on M&M cookie. Hooray!
Mood-o-meter: impressedimpressed