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24 April 2013 @ 01:39 am
evidence that I have the best friends (i am S.)  
[fb] Z: I need a procrastination buddy!
[fb] me: me! on text tho b/c i'm self-controlling off fb.
[ten minutes]
[SMS] Z: Message from J. Harkness: I heard you were looking for a distraction.
[SMS] me: to j.h. *eyes up and down* yes? ;) (to z. you are the greatest)
[SMS] Z: Hahaha. From J.H. and Z: Happy to be of service :).
[SMS] me: Message from Spock: May I be of assistance?
[SMS] Z: *looks up*...*TACKLES* To S. hehe. Nice one :).
[SMS] me: That was not a logical move. (from s. ^_^)
[SMS] Z: And yet the outcome should still be fascinating ^_^.
[SMS] me: Spock *sputters* s. *cackles*
[SMS] Z: George Takei: Ooh myyy.!
[SMS] me: Ten: Stop it!
[SMS] Z: *fan-girl 'splode*
[SMS] me: Have i mentioned recently that i love you?
Mapquest says: on my couch
Mood-o-meter: gigglygiggly
The voices are singing: "College Kids" by Relient K