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I don't want to be perceived the way I am

I just want to be perceived the way I am

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'Ello all,
I... am really bored. I love to read, I love to talk to people, I love to be held. I love music, I play French horn and piano. I love marching band (even though I have to play a mellophone).

I love to dance and to move. I like to fence and swim and play soccer and play Muggle Quidditch.

linguam latinam valde amo. quoque loqui latine cum amicis mihi valde placet. Also I love to sign. And just generally learn every language ever.

I'm a mirror-touch and spatial-sequence synesthete.

I'm going to be a teacher, because along with parents, teachers make the biggest impact on the world.

My family is loud and obnoxious. But I don't live with them all the time so it's ok. We have a cat who is a witch's familiar (we just don't know who's the witch yet). Also a dog who stinks like what. I also have a kitten. I love him.

That's all for now! :)

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